Our class trip to Freiburg

English 9b

On the 4th February 2015 our class (9b) went to Freiburg to visit the exhibition “Ich Mann. Du Frau. – Feste Rollen seit Urzeiten?“ First we met at the train station in Offenburg at 8:45. Then we traveled by train to Freiburg. We walked to the “Archeological Museum Colombischlössle“ where the exhibition was displayed. They divided us into two groups, the first one had a look at many different historical things and the second group did a role play first.
I was part of the first group. We visited a room with many different things from a grave. The guide asked us if we thought the jewelry was from a woman’s grave or from a man’s grave and she said that often it is difficult to say if it is from a woman’s or a man’s grave. In the next room there were sculptures which looked like thick women and thin men. They were made of wood, clay or similar material. In the third room there was a big glass cabinet. In this showcase you could see a picture of a grave. In the grave there were jewelry, a carriage, two dead bodies and much more. It was incredible to see with what the people of the Stone Age filled their graves. In the penultimate room two different skeletons were shown, one of a man and one of a woman. Just with the help of these skeletons you can see what diseases or injuries these people had during their lives – it is amazing!
After the guided tour we went upstairs to a big room under the roof and did a role play, actually we played different games. First we had to think of one famous man and then we should describe this person with two adjectives, for example “Napoleon – clever and brutal”. After that we had to think of a famous woman and do the same, for example “Marie Curie – small and intelligent”.
In the second game we had to stay in two groups. First the right group had to imagine being a boy who is getting up in the morning and looking into the mirror. We had to do the first thing we thought this person would do after getting up. The group on the left had to copy what the others did. Then we had to do the same pretending to be a girl.
The third game was to walk like a man or a woman and the last exercise was a shadow play. We had many different props (Requisiten) to use. Then we had to go behind a screen and create a freeze frame.
After the exhibition we all walked to Kaiser-Joseph-Straße, the main shopping street in Freiburg. There we formed groups of three or more people and we were allowed to go shopping or something like that. I went in a group with Helen, Franka, Cosima, Klara and Selina. At first we walked to “Lush”. That is a natural beauty shop. “Yumm Yumm” was the second shop we went to. It is a really cool clothes shop.
Then we were all very hungry, so we went to “Maria’s”, which is a really nice Burger House. The food was really good but we had to hurry because we had to be back at the meeting point at 1:30 pm and that was tight. The whole class was on time and Mr. Henne was staggered about our punctuality. We were so early that we even had enough time to go to Starbucks, too. A few minutes after 2:00 pm we left Freiburg on the train and arrived in Offenburg at 2:50 pm.

Angelina Göppert (edited by Mr. Henne)