Our class trip to Freiburg

English 9b

On the 4th February 2015 our class (9b) went to Freiburg to visit the exhibition “Ich Mann. Du Frau. – Feste Rollen seit Urzeiten?“ First we met at the train station in Offenburg at 8:45. Then we traveled by train to Freiburg. We walked to the “Archeological Museum Colombischlössle“ where the exhibition was displayed. They divided us into two groups, the first one had a look at many different historical things and the second group did a role play first.

Flying Fish Theater

Learning English is more than just grammar and vocabulary. It is contact!

The Flying Fish Theatre offers performances which bring the original English language directly to the learner’s ear.

It makes them realize how much they already know and understand of the „other“ language. English theatre offers them the possibility to take their learning a step further by enjoying a highly entertaining visual performance made especially for them.